Amanda Melhuish

Amanda Melhuish grew up in Modesto, California—the part of Cali that’s less La La Land, more Ladybird. She was a drama club kid, known for leading the charge into Denny’s after every closing night. (A high school musical tradition.) After receiving her B.A. in Drama from University of California, Irvine, Amanda moved to New York City to pursue comedy. She currently performs regularly at The Magnet.

She got her start as a freelancer, supplementing her income by scooping ice cream. She’s a legendairy ice cream lover; Amanda has scooped at three different ice cream shops! And although she once had her credit card information stolen at a cupcake atm, Amanda insists that isn’t why she prefers a churned dessert. Ice cream changed her life.

Her career in ice cream has not been a rocky road. Just over a year into scooping at Ample Hills, Creative Director Lauren Kaelin decided to expand her team and take on the company’s first-ever copywriter. Amanda’s natural knack for wordplay, genuine love for the brand and writing for Reductress won her the role! Her hands-on experience working in the retail side of the business gave her an irreplaceable insight into the business. As copywriter for Ample Hills, Amanda helped name flavors, crafted the first-ever Copywriting Guide and wrote copy for blogs, social media, email campaigns, the Brand Guide, wholesale documents, internal communications like newsletters and one sheets, collateral and more. And yes, she participated in many taste-tests.

Amanda is committed to writing copy that’s equal parts precision and personality. She’d love to work with you.

headshot by tessa flannery photography

headshot by tessa flannery photography